Privacy policy

1. This Privacy Policy (together with the terms and conditions applicable in your country and all related documents mentioned therein) applies to the services provided by this platform, including browsing and searching the pages of this platform and purchasing goods from our partners, using Our mobile applications, or the products and services we provide to you when using the software we provide in relation to any of the foregoing.

This Privacy Policy will help you understand what information we collect, the purpose of collection, how we use, share, transfer, and publicly disclose this information, how your personal information is transferred around the world, how we protect your personal information, and your rights Contacting us, how we handle children's personal information and how this Privacy Policy has been updated.

We are well aware of the importance of personal information to you, and will do our best to protect your personal information safe and reliable. We are committed to maintaining your trust in us, abiding by the following principles to protect your personal information: the principle of consistency of rights and responsibilities, the principle of clear purpose, the principle of choice consent, the principle of minimum necessity, the principle of ensuring security, the principle of subject participation, the principle of openness and transparency, etc. At the same time, we promise to take corresponding security protection measures to protect your personal information in accordance with mature security standards in the industry.

2. Our Platforms may contain links to the websites of our partners, advertisers and affiliate marketing partners, among others. If you access these sites through links, please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to those sites. We are not responsible or liable for the privacy policies or practices of those sites, so please consult their policies before submitting any personal data to them.


3. Personal information refers to various information related to identified or identifiable natural persons recorded electronically or otherwise, excluding anonymized information.

The personal information we collect and use may include the following information that you voluntarily provide when interacting with us, information collected by IT systems, and information provided to us by other partners. The information you provide mainly includes: when you register a personal account on our platform, place an order, fill out any online forms (such as registration forms, competitions and surveys), choose to receive our newsletters and special offer notifications, participate in competitions or promotions activities, or (by email, telephone, customer service instant messaging, social media or other means) when you provide personal information when you contact us, if the information you provide contains personal information of other users, before providing these personal information to us Before that, you need to make sure that you have obtained legal authorization; the information collected by the IT system includes: every time you visit this platform, our IT system will receive and automatically store certain information including Cookies and device information (see below for details Articles 6-7 of this document); to the extent permitted by law, partners including payment delivery service providers will provide us with your personal information. The above information may specifically include your name, address or location, phone number and email address, account information, payment information, identity information, date of birth, gender and picture, device information, cookie preferences, and browsing history.

Please note that individual device information, log information, browsing records, and search keywords are information that cannot identify a specific natural person, and therefore do not belong to personal information. If we combine such non-personal information with other information to identify a specific natural person, or use it in combination with personal information, during the combined use, such non-personal information will be regarded as personal information, unless authorized by you Unless otherwise agreed by laws and regulations, we will anonymize and de-identify such personal information.

The personal information we collect from you may involve your sensitive personal information. Sensitive personal information refers to personal information that, if leaked or illegally used, is likely to infringe on the personal dignity of natural persons or endanger the safety of personal and property, including biological information. Identification, religious belief, specific identity, medical health, financial account, whereabouts and other information, as well as personal information of minors under the age of fourteen. Personal sensitive information that may be involved in this privacy policy includes: your ID number, ID information, payment information (including your bank account information (credit card or debit card information), transaction amount), shopping/consumption records and browsing Record. In order to respect and protect your rights and interests, please refer to our Sensitive Personal Information Policy regarding the collection and use of your sensitive personal information.

We will only collect and process your personal information for the following purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

The act of reading and agreeing to this policy will not directly lead to our collection and processing of your personal information. Our collection and processing of personal information is based on your initiative to provide or fill in relevant personal information. When you enter our platform and click to agree to this privacy policy, you can browse our platform as a visitor. At this time, we will only collect your device information and browsing records to meet your browsing needs.

(1) To provide you with basic services such as browsing, user registration, and online shopping. As a cross-border e-commerce platform, our products and/or services include some necessary information to realize the purchase of goods, provide and improve products/services, and ensure transaction security. basic skills. In order to ensure the realization of the above basic functions, we may collect, save and use the following information about you to realize the above functions. If you do not provide relevant information, you will not be able to enjoy the products and/or services we provide. These basic functions or services include:

a. Provide product and service information display During your use of our services, in order to allow you to quickly find the products and/or services you need, we may collect:

- Device information about your use of our products and/or services, including the type of device you own, the IP address of the device, the browser you use (for websites), mobile network provider (for mobile devices), where you are time zone and country, and system crash or download error reports;

-Cookies information, including language preferences and browsing records (see "9. Cookies" below for details), to provide you with the best way to display product or service information. We will keep your search content to facilitate your repeated input or show you the products or services associated with your search content. Personal browsing records are sensitive information, and refusing to provide this information will only make you unable to use the function of displaying product recommendations associated with your search content during this period, but it will not affect your normal use of other functions of this platform. When you use our platform search service, we also provide a general sorting option that does not target your personal characteristics (you can cancel our personalized service by modifying your personal information in the account management section) preferences, or contact our customer service). In order to minimize the disturbance caused by information irrelevant to you, we have been improving and optimizing the content recommendation mechanism.

In the process of browsing our platform, you can choose to bookmark the products you are interested in, add them to the shopping cart, establish a relationship with the merchants/brands/other members you are interested in, and share information with other third parties through the functional components we provide. share information. During your use of the above functions, we will collect service log information including your favorites and shopping cart records, follow relationships, and sharing history to achieve the above functions and other purposes we have clearly stated.

b. Register as a user

If you wish to purchase items from the platform, you first need to register for an account, which you can register on our website page. During the account creation process on our website pages, you need to submit at least the following information: your name, mobile phone number (or email address) and the created password.

If you only need to use browsing and searching services, you can browse and search as a guest without registering a personal account and providing the above information.

During the process of registering an account on our website, if you can further provide the following information, it will help us provide you with a better service experience. You can choose to provide us with or allow us to collect the following information: Mobile phone number . You can create a personalized account with a nickname. However, if you do not provide the aforementioned information, it will not affect the basic functions of using this service.

Your supplementary account information and social information will help us provide you with personalized product or service recommendations and create a better shopping experience. However, if you do not provide this supplementary information, it will not affect the basic functions of your online shopping.

By logging into our mobile applications through a social media platform, or linking your account on the website to your social media platform account, you allow us to obtain the information and content required to log in from those accounts. The specific types of information we may obtain depend on your relevant account or platform settings, and we will follow their privacy policies and use your relevant information within the scope of your authorization and consent.

Through a personal account, you can also invite friends (by email, social media platforms, etc.) to shop on our platform. Please ask your friend's permission before sharing their contact information with us. We will let them know that we learned specific information about them from you. Please make sure to only forward our invitation link and email to friends who are interested in our platform.

c. Generate an order

When you want to order a product, you need to register an account on our platform to place an order. We may use your personal information (including name, address, telephone number, email address, identity and payment information - such as debit or credit card details) or other consignee information you provide (including consignee's name , address, contact number) so that you can submit your order to help us process and fulfill your order. Your identity information and payment information are your personal sensitive information, the collection and use of the above information is necessary to realize the transaction function of our platform, otherwise the transaction will not be completed. The order will specify the order number, information about the goods or services you purchased, the amount of payment you should pay and the method of payment. In order to make it easier for you to understand, query and manage order information, we will collect order information generated during your use of our services for display to you and to facilitate your order management. You can also fill in the consignee's landline and email address information to add more contact information to ensure that the goods or services can be delivered accurately, but not filling in these information will not affect the generation of your order.

You can order products for other people. You need to provide the consignee’s name, delivery address, and consignee’s contact number of the actual orderer. If it involves personal information of minors under the age of 18, you need to obtain it before providing it. The consent of the minor's parents or other guardians.

The above "order information" will be used for identity verification, transaction confirmation, payment and settlement, logistics and distribution, customer service inquiries and after-sales service; it may also be used to determine whether there is any abnormality in the account or transaction, so as to ensure the security of your transaction. In addition, we may need to provide your information to third parties, including your purchasing partners and our delivery service providers.

d. Payment and delivery

After you place an order, you can pay through a third-party payment institution that cooperates with shopify. In order to meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations for payment institutions to verify the authenticity of transactions, payment institutions may need to obtain your order-related delivery information (including payer name, consignee name, bank account, delivery address, phone number) ( Hereinafter collectively referred to as "payment verification information"), therefore, we need to share your payment verification information, together with your order number and transaction amount information, with these payment institutions so that they can confirm your payment instructions and complete the payment. In order for us to know and confirm your payment progress and status in a timely manner, and to provide you with after-sales and dispute resolution services, you agree that we may collect information related to payment progress from your chosen transaction partner and third-party payment institutions. Bank account and shipping address may be sensitive information, the collection and use of the above information is necessary to realize the transaction function of our platform, otherwise the transaction will not be completed. In order to ensure that the goods and/or services you purchased can be delivered smoothly, safely and accurately, we will disclose order-related delivery information to third-party delivery companies that provide delivery services to complete the delivery of the order. You understand and agree that the corresponding logistics delivery entity will inevitably know and use your delivery information for delivery purposes. In order for us to know and confirm the delivery progress and status in a timely manner, and provide you with after-sales and dispute resolution services, you agree that we may collect information related to the progress of logistics delivery from logistics-related service entities.

e. To provide customer service

If for any reason you contact our customer service team or provide feedback by email, phone, instant messenger or otherwise, we will use your information (including your name, phone number and email address) to help us respond to Classify, reply, and conduct appropriate investigations to solve any problems or situations you may encounter. We will save your communication/call records and related content (including account information, order information, your Other information provided to prove the relevant facts, or the contact information you left). We may also use your phone number or email address to keep you updated about the status of your order or any related questions. When you need us to provide pre-sales consultation or customer service and after-sales service related to your order information, we will query your access records or order information. You may provide other information other than the above information when communicating with our customer service staff, such as when you ask us to change the delivery address, contact person or contact number.

f. Post a comment

You can post comments through the comment channels we provide you, and your comments may be published on the comment page of the web page of this platform. Please note that the information you post may involve your or others' personal information or even personal sensitive information, such as when you choose to upload a picture containing personal information when evaluating. Please consider more carefully whether to share or even publicly share relevant information when using our services. If the information you publicly release involves the personal information of minors under the age of 18, you need to obtain the consent of the corresponding minor's parents or other guardians before publishing.

g. Ensure account security and transaction security

In order to more accurately prevent phishing website fraud and protect account security, we may judge the risk of your account by understanding your browsing information, order information, and device information, and may record some links that we believe are risky ("URL") ) and IP address; we will also collect your device information to analyze system problems, collect traffic statistics and troubleshoot possible risks, and troubleshoot when you choose to send us abnormal information.

In order to keep you and our financial security safe, we need to make sure our customers are real. To do this, we may use your personal information (including your name, address and payment information - such as credit or debit card details) to confirm your identity, carry out credit checks or anti-fraud checks. We may use third-party credit reference companies or fraud protection agencies to perform these checks, but these are informal credit checks and please do not worry about your credit rating being affected. Payment information and addresses may be sensitive information, the collection and use of the above information is necessary to achieve transaction security verification on our platform, otherwise the transaction may not be completed.

Please note that we will not sell your information (whether name, address, email address, payment or other information) to any third party without your consent.