Refund policy

Return policy

Returned goods must be returned to the relevant MyLoveNails offline store or brand within 14 days after the goods are signed for.

Returns must comply with the following returns policy:

1. The product must be unworn, unwashed, undamaged and unused, and must be accompanied by all original brand packaging.
2. Because all of our products are purely hand-made and require a lot of time to make, unless the product is damaged or wrong, it is usually impossible to provide return service.
All products must be packaged in the original brand packaging and bags, and placed in a shipping box for return, ensuring that the product and the outer packaging from the brand are not damaged during transportation.
3. Do not remove the brand label and MyLoveNails anti-theft label that came with the product, and make sure the label is intact when returning the product.
4. Jewelry must be returned in its original condition, including accompanying branded packaging and documentation.
5. Due to the particularity of customized services, we are usually unable to provide return services unless the customized products you receive are damaged or wrong.
6. Some beauty products contain dangerous or flammable substances (such as nail polish, nail color glue, nail polish remover, plastic nail sheets) which may cause accidents during storage, handling or logistics. Due to the above concerns, we do not accept returns for these products. If you have any questions, please contact our global customer service team.
7. For other products that cannot be returned due to the nature of the product, it will be marked on the product page with "no return without reason", and the specific information on the product details page shall prevail.
Please take good care of the goods you received and ensure that the goods are still in good condition when they are returned. We recommend that you return the item in its original packaging to avoid damage to the item during delivery. Items cannot be returned if they do not comply with the return policy.

In order to ensure your easy online shopping experience, we provide flexible return terms, please use our return policy reasonably. When we find that you have abused our return policy, we reserve the right to close your account and limit your account's authority to place orders. Abusive return practices include, but are not limited to, high-frequency return activity, and any negligent or fraudulent conduct associated with returns.